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Apocalyptica is a mod that should allow you to...well try and survive a nuclear apocalypse.  Basically, after 30 days, The apocalypse goes off, you generally survive with about a half-heart of health left.  The sky will turn Orange, and there will be a...well a TNT sound in your ears.  any water, metal, or food you are carrying, unless inside a Safehouse will be immeiately contaminated.  This mod will take out all Hostile least until after The Bomb.  Afterwards, the mod puts in new hostiles.  you have the Roc..and i kinda forgot the others, so far.  

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Added New Block: "Safehouse Wall"

Added New Items: "Radioactive Iron Ingot" "Radioactive Sludge Bucket" "Radioactive Water Bucket"

Set up the Core Mod Files.

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